As a child born & raised in Las Vegas, Ouija found solace in performance art of all kinds at a very young age and had a hard time focusing in school unless it pertained to art/music. Having had a difficult childhood, struggling with abuse & mental health issues, Ouija created art to escape reality. To be stronger than human. To survive. Growing up in low income neighborhoods across the Vegas valley, he was often surrounded by drugs, alcohol & violence. His idols were not Superman, Cops, or Firefighters… his heroes were Insane Clown Posse & Three 6 Mafia. There is a place where Wicked Shit & the Memphis Phonk DJ PAUL pioneered collide in a blinding explosion. Ouija Macc was born of this Big Bang. It was this very miracle that saved him from death, prison, or even worse.. an Arby’s job. The same explosion that happens whenever a Ouija Macc song plays.


        Ouija Macc’s debut mixtape “TRASHFIRE” (Recorded in various home studio rigs in New Jersey / Brooklyn, NY / Delaware Water Gap, PA) was released in 2017 which is subsequently when Ouija really began to find himself and blossom as an artist. Having been a part of several musical arrangements and group efforts in Las Vegas, NV & Harlem, NY prior, it wasn’t until his first solo effort ”TRASHFIRE” that he started to realize his true calling. It was a shocking body of music in lo-fi gritty DIY-punk fashion, written by a young man on the verge of prison/overdose. Produced by underground legends Shaggy The Airhead & Devereaux, the mixtape was a disgusting white trash masterpiece that spoke for itself and it was not long after that Ouija signed with Psychopathic Records. Joining Insane Clown Posse on several [SOLD OUT] US & EUR tours, he developed a very real, very strong bond with ICP & the Psychopathic staff who’s love & support lit the fire for his first full length LP “GUTTERWATER” (Recorded at Psychopathic Records’ Studios “The Lotus Pod” & “The Cabin”) which took Soundcloud, Billboard, iTunes & the Juggalo world by storm. 


       There is certainly a lot of story to tell, Having been arrested on multiple felony weapons and drug related offenses, including burglary, grand theft auto, aggravated assault. (Which is just the stuff he got caught for.) Not to mention being a victim of police brutality, being shot 5 times & stabbed twice, battling with severe drug addiction amidst struggling mentally at all things that are not art. Ouija Macc paints you a picture not many are still alive to paint. Jail, mental institutions, homeless shelters, halfway houses, Failing at school, Failing at love, Never feeling safe, Never feeling good enough. Like the country is a lie. Like the system is a lie.  Like the world is lie. Feeling like we are in hell for real, and like death is the only valid answer, but finding the strength to get up & beat another day’s face in. To find the ones not strong enough to fight, and help them along. 


      Ouija seems to dip his paintbrush into a color not many have seen (Bravery) and has since gone on to become known for just that. Along with his over-the-top visual media (which boasts Youtube views in the Millions) & bass heavy bangers that turn a dance floor into a terrifying place to knit a blanket, there is so much depth to explore. Lore! Mythos! It’s like a great Manga! Behind that crazy veil of high octane energy there is divine wisdom & hypnotic melody found in his music that envelopes deep rooted & hard hitting lyrics and feelings on a multitude of different soundscapes that range the way life does and take you on a journey that is yours too. It is both inspiring & cathartic. Beautiful & Scary. It is sad at times, hilarious at others. It is angry, crude & brutally honest but always a vibe. It’s often hard to tell if Ouija is a Comedian, Rapper, Poet or a Juggalo first? But he is certainly all of these things. Contrary to popular belief, you do not have to be a Juggalo to enjoy some Ouija Macc. but you might become one if you do.


       His consistent and effortless yet intricate delivery of such potent sonic value & mental imagery have truly set Ouija apart from the herd, a stance showcased well in his subsequent releases “WATERDAMAGE”, “Resistance: The Walk To Wasteland”, “Pretty Ugly”, “Resistance 2: Hell’s Holotape”, “Zodiac”, & “DIRTBAG” (to name a few) All of which garnered high iTunes Chart positions. The highest of which was his release “WASTELAND” which ranked at #2 iTunes Alternative #17 Billboard Alternative & generated major waves in the underground.  Continuing to tour both solo and with mentors Insane Clown Posse, Three 6 Mafia, Rittz & Mushroomhead… Ouija has proven himself to be an amazing performer with impeccable charisma crowd control & has established a colony of devout followers who call themselves “The Pages” and represent “Chapter 17” which is Ouija Macc’s “Mobb” as he calls it. After years of directing his own music videos, Building his own set designs, recording his own music, creating his own fashion trends with a fearless sense of style & seemingly unmatched merch operation ( formed with Chicago Streetwear Enterprise “Relish Brand” as well as breaking into comedy via collaborative projects with Cherdleys & Sean Barret, Ouija has shown us he has something to offer every medium of art. The future is certainly bright for Ouija Macc, but thankfully the music is Dark.