The West coast deathcore group, known as Decayer, prides themselves on their fierce riffs, breakdowns, and in your face vocal style that can wow even the most seasoned deathcore listener. Vocalist Sean Labru continues to push the limits on what a human can do with their vocal chords, while guitarist David Anthony defines what deathcore guitar playing should be all about! This powerhouse, hailing from the depths of Arizona’s blazing desert, always finds a way to amaze, and they have proven that with recent releases such as their “Pestilence” and their most recent EP drop “Sonoran Death”. With tracks like “Dead Soul’, the band has even caught the attention of Hatebreed’s Jamey Jasta, who has called the track “HARD AS FUCK” on ‘The Jamey Jasta Show’. The band has also had the pleasure and opportunity of touring on some of the biggest circuits across the nation with bands such as Upon A Burning Body, Signs Of The Swarm, and other heavy hitters from the east and west coast. Decayer wants to continue to deliver music on a consistent level to truly place their stamp on the metal genre, and give heavy listeners a band they can always rely on for heavy slams. Look for more coming from them, and get ready to bang your head!

North America