So often in music—and really with most forms of media—there exists a thinly-applied veil or secrecy to give everything an allure; an obfuscating mystique. You can’t knock it—mostly because it works—but sometimes, it’s really nice when things are exactly as they claim to be. You know what I mean, when what you see is exactly what you get. Enter Heavy//Hitter, a ruthless deathcore group that captures all of Orlando’s murky, swampy brutality with absolutely none of the Disney World shine. Taking a gritty and primal approach to deathcore and infusing it with elements of heavy hardcore, beatdown and just a touch of that intangible Floridian fury, Heavy//Hitter are a rapidly rising star in the underground heavy music community bound to be splintering skulls and tearing out teeth in a venue near you soon. Formed in 2017, Heavy//Hitter first erupted into prominence with the release of their lead singles “Spit” and “Handout”. These two tracks highlighted their proclivity for violence, blending grisly grooves and eviscerating aggression together as though they were a brutal Betty Crocker.

North America