The unapologetically modern & electrifying rock band VELVET CHAINS has catapulted into the spotlight with their sensational single, ‘Stuck Against the Wall,’ currently captivating the airwaves of radio stations across the USA. Their infectious melodies and raw talent are behind the band’s meteoric rise, signaling an imminent breakthrough to the top of the charts.

Hailing from Las Vegas, VELVET CHAINS emerged as an original band in 2021. This dynamic ensemble boasts a stellar lineup of talented musicians hailing from the USA, Chile, Argentina, & Brazil. In a mere 2 years, they’ve accomplished a remarkable array of milestones, including the recording of a studio album and an EP, the release of multiple visually stunning music videos, and commanding performances at both NATIONAL & INTERNATIONAL shows and festivals.

The band has worked with multiple top charting producers such as Erik Ron, Heavy, Mitchell Marlow & Kane Churko, collaborated with several mainstream artists and opened for multiple legendary acts such as STONE TEMPLE PILOTS, THE WINERY DOGS & SAINT ASONIA.

North America