Influenced by the 90’s grunge & 00’s rock eras, Velvet Chains’ sound is red hot and crowd pleasing – drawing their likeness to Alice and Chains, Audioslave, Blink 182, and Velvet Revolver: heavy riffs, driving beats, melodic guitars and soaring vocals. With a powerful live show and stellar musicians, fans around the world are catching on to the band that is keeping Rock & Roll alive and well!

Velvet Chains was formed in 2018 in Las Vegas as a four piece by bassist Nils Goldschmidt, who then recruited drummer Noelle Schertzer, guitarist Laurent Cassiano, and lead singer Jerry Quinlan. Since their formation, they have recorded a studio album and made multiple collaborations with members of other well-known bands.

Gaining notoriety for their high-octane showmanship, Velvet Chains consistently engages the audience to create the connection necessary for the best show experience. Long Live Rock & Roll!