HOLLOW FRONT is Tyler Tate (Vocals), Cody Davis (Drums), Brandon Rummler (Bass), and Dakota Alvarez (Guitar). Hailing from Grand Rapids, MI. The 4-piece Metalcore group actually began in the summer of 2016, as a 5-piece. The band started as a project “just for fun,” but quickly grew into something none of the band members could deny had real potential.

The band released their debut EP titled “Homewrecker” in Feb of 2017, and have been on the grind ever since. Playing shows, shooting music videos, and writing new material. In May of 2017, they signed with Beckwith Records, a label based out of their hometown, released their stand-alone single, “Chameleon” and began work on their follow-up EP titled “Still Life,” which has just been released as of June 29th of 2018. And the band has already begun the process of pre-production for their debut full length, expected to release sometime in late 2019.

HOLLOW FRONT has gained over 940,000 Spotify streams, over 365,000 YouTube views, and have sold merchandise all over the world countless times, since their debut in 2017. They’ve been featured on two prominent Spotify playlists, (Metalcore and Got Djent?,) where their song “Blackhole,” has almost 500k streams alone, and have also gained an excellent foreign and domestic following after being featured on Dreambound’s extremely popular YouTube channel. Their official music video for the title track to their new album “Still Life” hit 100,000+ views in under a month and continues to climb everyday.

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