tripleS, a mega K-POP girl group boasting 24 members, has
unveiled 24 of its members to date. Their ful group album is
scheduled for release in May 2024. A unique aspect of their
identity lies in the continuous creation of new unit combinations,
r e r e r r e d to a s U i m e n s i o n s , t h r o u g n a f a n p a r t c i p a t i o n v o u n g
known as Gravity.
Their journey commenced with their inaugural DIMENSION, Acid
Angel from Asia, in October 2022, followed by a series of activities
in 2023 including ASSEMBLE, +(KR)ystal Eyes, LOVElution, and
EVOLution. They have innovated a distinctive system and built the
Cosmo app, captivating global KPOP fans with their innovative
system and new member combinations created by fans. They won
the 2023 MAMA ‹Best New Female Artist> and HMA ‹Rookie of
the year – Female>.
Recently, the final four members have joined, and they will be
releasing their first full album as 24 members. Which will be
followed by their Japan debut and a new world tour.